Frequently Asked Questions

Why Vets4USAVets?


Vets4USAVets co-founders have prior military service with over 52 years of active duty and reserve military experience. We have over 22 years VA work experience and over 18 years of compensation and pension (C&P) experience working for the Tampa VA Medical Center. During our 18 years we have done thousands of C&P examinations on a wide variety of VA claims. We have many years of experience working directly with many VA Regional Offices throughout the country and are very familiar with the requirementsnneeded for rating claims. We have repeatedly seen the common mistakes Veterans, Veterans Service Representatives, Lawyers, and Examiners make during the process of obtaining rating for claims.

How long will it take Vets4USAVets to review the medical records, complete the DBQs and opinions?


Currently we can review the medical records (military, VA and private), complete the DBQs and any necessary medical opinions within 2 to 4 weeks. This is based upon the Veteranproviding all the necessary medical records and tests needed to appropriately complete the claims process and timely payment by Veterans for our service.

What is our success rate based upon?


Our success rate is dependent uopn the claims the Veteran wants to file, the documentation of the medical condition(s) in the Service Treatment Records, VA or private medical records, and the Veteran's active involvement with providing all the necessary documentation needed to complete the claim. We only file and complete claims that we believe have a very good chance to obtain VA ratings.

What examinations are not available with us?


We currently do not do DBQ examinations for Audiology (Hearing loss and Tinnitus), Optometry/Ophthalmology, Dental/Gum conditions with the exception of TMJ exams, but can assist you with filling the claims for these medical conditions to the VA Regional Office.

How much does it cost for our services?


Vets4USAVets offers a 15-20 minutes free counselling appointments upon request. Basic Records Review - $100.00This is very specific for the claims you elect to pursue and is limited to three medical conditions. The basic medical records review will assist us to determine if there is enough medical evidence in the STR to pursue the claim(s). Active Duty/Veterans with 12 months of discharge from Active Duty Service - $400.00This is a complete review of the Veteran's Service Treatment Records (STR). This will assist us and the Veteran to determine if there is sufficient medical evidence to pursue multiple claims. Comprehensive Records Review if discharged from service greater than 12 months - $500.00This is a complete review of Service Treatment Records (STR), VA medical records, and/or private medical records. This will assist us and the Veteran to determine if there is sufficient medical evidence to pursue claim(s) that incurred while in service, is currently on going and chronic or is secondary to medical conditions that are already service connected. The veteran will be provied a list of all the valis claims that warrant pursuing with the VA and information for medical tests that the veteran may need to support their claim(s). Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs) with opinions as needed - $100.00DBQs are the options Veterans have of visiting a private medical provider instead of the VA facility to complete their disability form. There are over 60 DBQs that can appropriately be completed by us. This is an alternate means by which Veterans can have control over the disability claims process. We will ensure the DBQs are filled out correctly so the VA rating specialists will have all the information they need to start processing your claim(s).

What do I need to get started with Vets4USAVets?


For all records review we will need a digital or printed copy of your Service Treatment Records (STR) or Claim Files, currentmedical records from th VA and/or private providers medical records that can be used to support your claim(s), and the most recent rating decisions from the Regional Office if previously rated.

What happens after my report is completed?


You will have to review and sign the completed documents from us to be sent to the Regional Office. We will provide you a copy of the document which you can upload via e-benefiits ot mail to the Regional Office. We strongly recommend that you make and keep a copy of the document in your personal file in case there is any mishap with the mailing system or the VA Regional Office. Vets4USAVets only serves as medical expert consultants for VA Claims. We are unable to submit your reports t the VA Regional Office because we are not licensed too provide legal representation for your claims. We are also not a medical treating company. The services we provide are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for ant medical conditions.